In these dreams I’ve loved you so….

“You’re going to be a big sister!”

Those are the words I always hoped to hear from my parents… alas, I am the youngest. Because I was perfect. So they didn’t need to have any more after me.:-)

But my brother is getting married and I couldn’t be happier that this is how I get to become a big sister. Callie will be a fabulous addition to our slightly crazy but totally awesome family. And, she makes my brother so stinkin’ happy that he just can’t keep the smile off his face when he’s around her.

Their wedding is going to be a very personal, creative and intimate event in Los Angeles in the Spring. And as the details unfold slowly, I am amazed at how thoughtfully they have been planning and how unique their special day will be.

We drove out to meet their favorite food truck – The Kogi BBQ Truck – in Irvine and had dinner together. An incredibly delicious dinner which was followed by some side of the road portraits that came to an abrupt end when a California Highway Patrol officer drove by. There are more fun images from the shoot, but they’re going to be used by them for some wedding surprises so I’m not going to post those here online yet…. You’ll just have to wait and see!

Callie and Brian, I love you both and am so excited for this new chapter in your lives!

“I Have Dreamed” by Rodgers and Hammerstein

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