Said we’d do it all again…

I had the pleasure of photographing Sam and Vicki’s wedding anniversary party hosted by their children. Held at the beautiful Los Coyotes Country Club in Buena Park, California, the event was elegant and unforgettable.

It was so much fun to meet and photograph Sam and Vicki’s children and grandchildren, hear the story of how they fell in love, and watch how sweetly they interacted after all these years. I loved how much value they put on this anniversary party and celebrating their accomplishment.

My favorite detail of their wedding – and there were so many well-thought out ones to choose from! – was the stunning cake they ordered from Rossmoor Pastries. Displayed in the center of the room, it was every bit the piece of art a centerpiece should be. Not only was it a visual delight, it was absolutely delicous!

I hope I have the opportunity to photograph many more anniversary celebrations in the future! What a significant reminder of how love should grow beyond the wedding day.

“Remember When” by Alan Jackson

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