For the glow of the neon lights…

A few weeks ago I took a quick photograph of a beautiful woman named Tana so she could be featured in the La Habra High School Theater Guild’s program as their Costume Mistress. When I got the image home and looked it over in photoshop I was floored at just how gorgeous this woman’s skin was!

Then last week I got to photograph Tana’s daughter Chelsea (above) for some theater headshots. Great genes run in the family. Chelsea has a beautiful smile and large bright eyes that make her face beautiful as well as friendly. And her skin is glowing and flawless – just like her mama’s.

We had fun wandering around Downtown Fullerton making good use of it’s many colors and textures as backgrounds. Chelsea has great poise and out of the 60 or so images I shot that morning, there wasn’t one bad one in the bunch.

Good luck to you Chelsea! I hope these headshots serve you well and you feel confident handing them over at auditions! Hope I get to see you shine on stage soon. – Katie

“Baby Girl” by Sugarland

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