Hold on to the ones who really care…

I think this picture is from Amanda’s 13th birthday party. I’m really hoping it’s from her 13th, not 14th birthday – because if it was her 14th birthday then in this picture I am 15 years old and wearing denim overalls. Pretty sure denim overalls aren’t cute past the age of 7, but here I am wearing them.

Switching between the white wall of her dining room and a backdrop of pink balloons, we did our best supermodel poses with all the confidence only a mom shouting “You’re all beautiful” over and over again can instill.

I treasure this photo. I am grateful to have this image as a strong reminder of a sweet friendship I had with these two girls. And I have many, many more images of me with all of my different friends over the years – tucked in a shoebox, pasted in albums and now scanned and tagged on Facebook.

This photo inspired me to shoot another set of Best Friends. I wanted to remake the pink balloon shoot from 2000 in a fresh and modern way, with a new set of best friends that inspire me to be a better friend.

I found the perfect pair of friends, and I can’t wait to share their shoot with you!

“MmmBop” by Hanson

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