But right now it’s you and me forever girl…

As per my usual technology addicted morning ritual, I woke up this morning and the first thing I did was reach for my iPhone. As I scrolled through Facebook to see what everyone had been up to during the 8 hours I’d been asleep I came across my sweet friend Kym Smith’s exciting post:

Today in a few short hours I will no longer be a Smith, but I will be Mrs. Bussman!!! John and I are making it legal on Leap Day at the courthouse and will follow it with a big wedding at the end of the year! I am so excited to marry my best friend and love him so much! YAY!!!!!

I immediately texted her to see if she had already arranged for someone to be there to take their photographs. I know they plan on having what I’m sure will be a drop dead gorgeous formal wedding with all their friends and family at the end of the year – but this small civil ceremony is still important. I was thrilled when she said I could join them to photograph their ceremony.

John and Kym, thank you for letting me capture these images of you two! You made my Leap Year so very special and unforgettable. I was thrilled to be your witness and to be a part of the very beginning of what I’m certain will be a beautiful and blessed marriage for you. Enjoy celebrating with your friends and family tonight! Congratulations!!!   — Katie

“You and Me” by Dave Matthews Band

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