I think I was blind before I met you…

Elise has always been one of the bubbliest and funniest people I’ve ever met. Before our shoot together, I hadn’t seen her since high school and I was very excited to see her again, and to see just what kind of man she had found to match her effervescent personality.

It only took me a few minutes of watching Elise and Aaron interact before I realized just how sweet of a match they made. Besides the constant giggles and inside jokes there was a level of comfortableness between the two of them I rarely see in couples – especially once they get in front of my camera.

We started at a bowling alley where the had their first date and moved from there to the Chili’s restaurant where they met. A huge passion of theirs is cinema so we spent a few minutes playing around a local movie theater and ended up at their soon-to-be new home (Elise’s home for now). They kicked off their shoes, settled on to their couch and began a fantastic Call of Duty death match. We ended the shoot with a few quick “formal” portraits.

I loved my morning spent with the two of them – learning more about them and watching them interact naturally among their favorite places and activities. The shoot gave me a lot of insight into how they’ll be on their wedding day which I could not be more excited for!

Aaron, it was a pleasure to meet you and I swear I will never call you Andrew again (okay, well, I swear I’ll try not to). Elise, you are exactly the same joyful and entertaining girl that I remember. Nay… you are better than I remembered. Thank you for choosing me, I am honored to get to photograph your wedding in July!

“First Day Of My Life” by Bright Eyes

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