Kathy’s 50th Birthday – A Surprise Garden Party

As a photographer, I attend a lot of events. But I can confidently claim that this evening garden party was the most fantastically detailed and well styled event I have ever attended. Every piece of decor was thoughtfully put together with the guest of honor in mind. They displayed the gorgeous invitation right as you walked into the backyard and it set the tone for the rest of the evening.

The hostesses created these darling little centerpieces and placed them throughout the backyard. Each one featured a word used to describe the birthday girl spelled out in Scrabble tiles.

After the guests had arrived, grabbed a drink and taken some time to mingle, we all gathered in the living room to await Kathy. Here’s a sweet little girl peeking out the front door to see if she’s arrived yet!

Everyone got really quiet when we heard Kathy step out of her car and begin to walk up the front porch steps.

Guided into the house by her immediate family, the birthday girl was truly surprised to find herself surrounded by so many excited faces!

After the initial hugs and hellos, everyone spread out throughout the backyard to eat dinner. The food was amazing – many of Kathy’s favorites from several different restaurants – and the joyful spirit of friends enjoying each other’s company was electric.

As the sun set, everyone gathered around as Kathy was crowned and seated on her throne.

One by one the guests stood up and made toasts to Kathy turning 50. They each had been assigned a letter and wrote a little bit about a word starting with that letter that reminded them of Kathy. The letters were assembled together on to a giant Scrabble board. It was a phenomenal party and I was so grateful to be able to witness it.

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