Alyssa + Jurrian: Married!

It happens often in the wedding industry that vendors and clients become friends. Whether it happens because of the amount of time spent together (usually a great deal) or because of the bonding that occurs when you witness someone’s wedding I don’t really know. I do know that with Alyssa and Jurrian, my desire to be friends with them happened almost instantly. At our first client meeting we sat and talked for far over an hour and I found myself at several points forgetting it was a “business” meeting entirely!

Over the 9 months or so, we became great friends. My husband and I got engaged a few months after meeting them and I had fun sharing the trials and tribulations of wedding planning with Alyssa. What a fun time in our lives to share with these amazing people. I truly am grateful for the awesome opportunity to be their friends, and honored that they chose The Rock Studio to capture their wedding day.

Their wedding day was personal and unique and just the right mix of formal and casual. But while it’s worth mentioning that their wedding was well-thought out and had sweet details – I’d rather talk about them as a couple.

Alyssa and Jurrian have been dating for nearly a decade – meeting online in a chat room when they were young teenagers. The time they have spent growing up together and maturing together shows. Their natural chemistry that has been there all along is now highlighted by a depth of knowledge about each other few newlyweds have at the beginning. They are a strong couple and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them.

I always get choked up during wedding ceremonies – it would seem I get even more weepy now that I have had my own wedding and better understand the deep emotions happening around me. I almost lost it during this ceremony. Seeing Jurrian wipe away a tear as his love walked down the aisle toward him, watching their elated giggles as they listened to each other’s vows, knowing that these moments were the culmination of many years of actively loving each other and that this was just the beginning of many more… I was overjoyed for them. In a way I don’t often have the opportunity to be while working. Happy because I know them well enough to know that I was witnessing the start of a remarkable marriage.

Congratulations Alyssa and Jurrian! We love you tons and wish you all the joy in the world!

xo, Katie

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