Destination Wedding – Marissa + Trevor: Married!

We were thrilled when our sweet friend Marissa contacted us about shooting her destination wedding in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. We have known her since elementary school. I met her doing children’s musical theater – which is also where I met my husband! We were thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph this special day for Marissa – and the opportunity to travel somewhere so beautiful and fun!

On our drive from the resort we were staying at to the wedding venue, a private villa named Casa Panga on the coast in Playa Tortuga, we drove past this beautiful cross on a hill.

When we arrived at Casa Panga, we immediately found ourselves speechless and breathless. The venue was incredible and the work the family had done to put together an amazing event was evident with just a quick glance around. Every detail of the day had been carefully curated and brought together beautifully.

After we got a good feel for the venue and mapped out our course of action for where we’d shoot during the ceremony, I headed over to find the beautiful bride who was having her makeup done. Once the artist had finished, I brought Marissa outside to take a quick “test shot” of her makeup to make sure there were no funky lines, unblended sections and that the final look was what she wanted. I think she looked stunning! I particularly love her casual getting ready outfit that totally expresses her personality.

Once the makeup was approved, it was time for the bride to have her hair done! I grabbed all her details – bouquet, rings, garters, dress, shoes – so we could photograph them.

The groom and his groomsmen had all grown mustaches in the weeks pre-wedding. Travis went in to photograph the boys getting ready and found the groom shaving his mustache off. I found the bride just finishing up with her hair.

While Marissa’s hair wasn’t done poorly, her bridesmaids and I stood around staring at her and discussing why she just wasn’t happy with it. It was beautiful, but too structured and formal – it simply wasn’t a good fit for Marissa’s energetic free spirit. She took off the headband, pulled out the pins and shook her hair upside down for a minute. When she righted herself and checked out her reflection in the mirror, there was a huge smile on her face! The gentle curls, bouncy and free were exactly how she wanted to be on her wedding day. Right after the hair was fixed, her Maid of Honor surprised her with a darling bracelet for her to wear as her “something blue!”

While the groomsmen were helping each other get dressed and ready to go for the ceremony, the groom was putting on his final details for the day: cufflinks, his suit jacket and a lapel pin.

In the final minutes before bridal party portraits and the First Look would happen, the girls got Marissa into her dress, her garters on and had a champagne toast!

We grabbed some quick portraits of the groom and his best man, groomsmen and best woman before the First Look.

Then the bridal party all lined up and the groom turned his back and covered his eyes and we cued his lovely bride to walk up behind him. We LOVE First Looks! The pictures are always precious, the couple has time to talk and react without the eyes of all their guests on them – and all of my brides have said that it doesn’t take away at all from the moment their eyes lock as she walks down the aisle.

After the First Look we headed into the courtyard for some formal portraits – and fun ones – of the bridal party, the bride and groom, and their family.

The bride writes a blog called Sandals and Bowties – the tagline of which is His Mermaid, Her Sailor. The next image I thought was a perfect one for their wedding day – him standing tall and strong at her side, her lounging against the ladder like a siren of the sea.

The ceremony itself was intimate, beautiful, precious and all the lovely things a wedding should be. With lots of family and friends interacting throughout, it truly felt like these two were being married by all those that love them. It was moving and interesting and exactly the right length.

We headed out to the pool area overlooking the ocean for some final portraits before the reception began.

The reception was incredible. All the little details – maracas the guests could shake for a kiss, darling menus, candles everywhere – combined with the most delicious meal we have ever been served at a wedding to make the evening magical. The bride’s Aunt happened upon a band from Santa Cruz, CA playing in Cabo earlier in the week and asked them to stay and play the wedding. They were fantastic – keeping the dance floor full with their wonderful lightly reggae/funk covers of popular hits from today and the previous 5 decades.

During the reception I spotted a Mexican blanket being used as a curtain to hide the area where the staff was taking all the dirty dishes to. I immediately thought it would make an excellent backdrop for a photobooth! We grabbed all the guests  – couples, families, friends – and brought them a few at a time over to the backdrop and had them pose for 4 rapid fire portraits, just like in a normal photobooth. It was a lot of fun and the results were great. Here are a few of my favorites from the night.

The night ended with the bride and groom being sent off to their Honeymoon Suite (a bedroom at Casa Panga) in a shower of sparklers by their guest. When they got to the end of the line, the groom swept his bride off her feet, carried her across the threshold and into their happily ever after.

Marissa & Trevor – thanks for allowing us to experience such a wonderful wedding and for the awesome trip to Mexico. We are so grateful you chose The Rock Studio and can’t wait to see all the love, joy and blessings to come in your lives. xoxo

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