It’s hard to say what it is I see in you…

It’s Friday night and I’m spending it with my three favorite men – Ben, Jerry and my boyfriend.

I’m sitting at my apartment with a mountain of work ahead of me. Four or five hours of editing images, some e-mails to return and a bunch of social networking to take care of. A sudden burst in business for The Rock Studio has been a blessing for sure, but keeping up and setting a new pace for myself has a learning curve. Anyways, it’s Friday night and I’m working. But I’m the happiest little girl on the planet. And I just wanted to share with you a few reasons why…

1) I have work to do. Not everyone has a way to make money right now – and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

2) The work I have to do is work that I LOVE. I am so blessed to get paid to fulfill my passion and take pictures for people. I never want to take for granted that I am one of the few lucky enough to be able to make money doing my favorite thing.

3) My awesome boyfriend is sitting here with me keeping me company. Not only has he tagged along to every shoot this week – he’s sat and brainstormed locations with me, helped me keep track of things to do and just all around been the best support I could ever wish for. And, as if he isn’t great enough, he bought me the above pictured snacks. Hello Panda cookies, my favorite childhood treat – and Chunky Monkey ice cream.

It’s Friday night, I’ve got lots of yummy treats, beautiful images to edit, and a handsome guy cheering on UFC matches next to me.

Life is good.

“All For You” by Sister Hazel

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