About Us


Katie & Travis Mooney – owners of The Rock Studio.

Hi, I’m Katie Mooney and I would LOVE to take your picture!

I have been photographing weddings and portraits since 2006. I started from ground zero – training with some of the best photographers in Orange County. And by training, I mean hauling their gear around on shoots and at weddings. Long 8 hour days holding camera bags and watching how they worked – for free. I paid my dues and worked really hard and eventually, they let me second shoot for them. I spent a few years as an assistant shooter before I felt confident enough to shoot weddings on my own.

In 2009 I started my own photography studio, The Rock Studio. I have now shot over 50 weddings and have been published on some of the top wedding blogs. My style is vibrant, energetic and I love to tell the story of your wedding day through a mix of fresh and modern posed portraits and classic photo-journalism. I spend my time at weddings fully aware of the moments happening around me and waiting for just the right split second to click the shutter and capture the most flattering and most joyful images possible.

In 2010 I began dating my junior high crush Travis. In 2012 he began shooting with me and his images often impress me so much I find myself jealous of his style and the ease at which he has learned to wield the camera to capture magic. We’re happily competitive with each other and after a wedding or portrait session we sit down together to see who captured the better image. I’m still proud to say I kick his butt more often than he’d like, but he’s creeping up on me quickly. We love working together and feel we bring a unique perspective to weddings. Usually, while I’m busy with the bride, her maids and all the girlie fun that comes along with getting ready to walk down the aisle, Travis will spend the beginning of the day with the groom and the groomsmen capturing their fun as they get ready and some formal portraits of them.

We got married in March of 2013 and have enjoyed the adventures that have come along with life as newlyweds.

We would love to answer any questions that you have about our services, our style, our lives, or our pricing with you!