Oh my dearest BreAnna,

Three years ago, you sent me a Facebook message and asked me about doing maternity portraits for you. I was really excited because it was very rare that I got a client inquiry at the time – but also very nervous as I hadn’t done a maternity shoot before. I explained that to you, but you said you knew I’d do great and really wanted me to be the one to do it. I always admired the pretty blonde cheerleader who I was in ASB with, but I never knew you very well and I was excited at the chance to see you again.

At the shoot I was blown away that you were even prettier than I remembered you being – and so down to earth and friendly. I had such a good time, and really hoped I’d get to see you again. You were absolutely glowing and although a bit scared, so excited to have your baby girl.


After Addyson was born, you asked me about newborn portraits. And again, I told you this was something I had never done before. You told me you believed in me and really wanted me to be the one to do it. That was one of the most overwhelming shoots of my life! I felt so nervous to even move your sweet little one around, and had no idea what to do. We got a few good shots, but what I remember most about that shoot, was watching you handle a little crying meltdown from a hungry baby and thinking just how easily you were adjusting to your new role as mom. You made it look so easy.


We tried so hard to make her 6 month pictures look like what we’d seen on Pinterest – but Addyson wasn’t having any of it! She was so fussy the whole shoot that eventually we gave up. We tried again a week later and ended up getting some darling shots, but these two from our first attempt are photos that I love. I’m pretty sure you’ve been unaware this whole time, because my focus and camera is usually pointed at Addyson, but during all of these shoots I’m usually studying you! I have learned so much about how to be a mom from you.



You encouraged me to do my very first Mini Sessions day. I really didn’t think I could even find enough people to fill up a day like that, but you said it would be a huge success. I set the time and location, and a few other details, and slowly over a week, all the spots were filled. AND EVERY SINGLE CLIENT WAS A REFERRAL FROM YOU. No one has had the impact on my business that you have. I am so incredibly grateful for how you have encouraged me and supported me all along this fun journey. While I’m not particularly thrilled with how my images came out that day, everyone has to start somewhere – and I think my mini sessions now are incredible! But I never would have even started them if it weren’t for your encouragement. Here’s you and Addyson from my very first mini-session!


My mini sessions are now one of my favorite aspects of my job. I absolutely love deciding on a theme and putting together all the details. And almost every mini session sells out these days – and still the majority of my referrals from them come from you and your tireless efforts to promote my studio. These are my favorites from Addy’s Valentine’s mini-sesh with me.


And of course, no one stole the show for the God Bless America Mini sessions this year quite like your little all-American lady. She melts my heart and it has been such a joy to photograph her as she grows up.


And tonight, when you brought my favorite little miss over to be one of my models for my upcoming Fall “Be Thankful Always” Mini-Sessions, again, I just loved watching you be a mom. You’re never too hard on yourself, you’re never too hard on Addyson – but neither of those things means you don’t always give your all to raising her into an awesome kid. You let go of the small stuff, you’re present and playful with her, and you are so joyful during all of it. You make mommyhood seem a lot less scary. Actually, you make being a mommy seem like the best thing in the world. And I can’t wait to watch how you handle having two! I could not possibly be more overjoyed for you that there is another one on the way, and I can’t wait to photograph every milestone for them as well (should you choose me to!).


Really, all of this has just been one huge warm up to me saying this: I am SO thankful for you, always. Thank you for your honesty, constantly reaching out and initiating with me even though you’re the busiest woman I know, being a role model for what a great mom is, allowing me to be a part of Addyson’s growing up, constant encouragement and belief that I am better than I think I am, and for being one of the meaningful friendships I have ever had. I love you, and I am so thankful for you.

And now, for the best part of this whole post: a really great sneak peek of one of my favorites from Addyson’s “Be Thankful Always” mini-session sample shoot today! The session dates and times will be announced on Saturday November 1st!


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